She’s Pregnant With Married Man’s Baby, Then His Wife Puts Her Photo On Facebook


The two began an affair with Scott believing his marriage was over, but the man kept seeing his wife. Eventually, Scott became pregnant with his baby. When she was four months pregnant, she realized he was never going to leave his wife.


“I told her everything and I apologized,” Scott said. “She was very, very calm. I was very hysterical because I felt so guilty… ‘I’m very sorry,’ I’ve told her so many times. I’ve written her many emails apologizing, from the depths of my soul, I’m sorry, and I don’t know what I can do.”

Soon after, Scott was shocked to see herself on a Facebook forum and website called She’s A Homewrecker. On it, her photo was posted as were personal details about her life.


She’s A Homewrecker is like a modern-day scarlet letter or a cyber-burn book. The controversial website, which is about a year old, gives jilted lovers a forum to posting pictures and private information about the “homewreckers,” who are commonly referred to by all kinds of colorful names.

Sometimes the mistress’ home address or phone number is given along with her full name, while the person accusing them remains anonymous.


Its founder, who goes by the alias Ariella Alexander, told ABC’s Nightline that these posts will show up in Google searches and follow the adulteresses around for a long time.

The site has been criticized for encouraging “cyberbullying” and “slut shaming,” but Alexander told ABC’s Nightline that she doesn’t see that way.


“If women love women so much, women wouldn’t be sleeping with other women’s husbands,” she said in an interview with the program. “I didn’t start this. I created a platform. I’m not begging people to expose their homewreckers. They choose to use it.”

And use it they do. The website even has a popular Facebook page, which has more than 252,000 likes, where readers can ask for advice and share their stories.

She’s A Homewrecker is perfectly legal because doesn’t create the accusations, it just hosts them, according to


“I looked at it last night for the first time in months and started bawling my eyes out,” Scott said.

Scott was bombarded by cyberbullies sending her death threats and calling her names. But she is just one of the many “mistresses” being publicly shamed on the website.

Many of the scorned women find it cathartic, while others believe the anger is being directed at the wrong person, and the blame for an affair should be on the cheating partner, not the mistress.

Scott understands that what she did was wrong, but feels she was misled by a married man. Do you think these women should be publicly shamed or that this is just a classic case of bullying? Let us know in the comments!