As Girls Beat Each Other Bloody, Viewers Horrified By What’s In Background

Shocking footage has surfaced online showing two teen girls fighting while one girl’s parents watch and cheer on their daughter throughout the fight (video below).

Footage originally uploaded to World Star Hip Hop shows two teenage girls — a brunette and a blonde — engaging in a fist fight while a group of people watch. Behind the camera are the brunette girl’s parents, who shout at and cheer on their daughter, encouraging her to beat the other girl.

At one point, the blonde teen seems confused and asks the brunette, “Why do you have all these parents with you?”

The brunette’s parents shout vulgar words of encouragement toward their daughter as she throws punches at her opponent.

“Lock her legs!” the father screams at his daughter.

“Don’t stop or I’m beatin’ yo ass,” the teen’s mother says, adding, “You better not stop Nicole or I’m beatin’ yo ass, plain and simple.”

The girl’s mother gets particularly vulgar during the fight. At one point, she can be heard telling her daughter, “She ain’t done, she’s still f**king talking. Still running that f**king c******ker like she does best.”

The mother also tells her daughter to “f**k her up for prom,” adding, “She’s gonna love that.”

Viewers shared their thoughts on the intense video in the comments section on DudeComedy.

“What horrible parents and whoever was watching. Disgusting. I can’t believe y’all reproduced. Sad,” one user commented. “Your daughter will end up in the system and have her ass handed to her. That s**t is weak and so are y’all.”

“Sad to say but I live in the same town as these people. I go to the same high school ad these people. But I’m not sad to say that I hate it here. It’s awful,” another user wrote. “It’s a bunch of rednecks and hillbillies. Not all people here are like this we have a rich history.

It’s just the loud ignorant people who make places and people’s image terrible. I just want to say not all of us here are like this.”

“This is disgusting!! Those white trash parents need court, fines, jail time,” another viewer commented. “I’d not want my children bullied….but I’d never teach them THIS crap!!!!”

It is not exactly made clear why the two teens were fighting in the first place, but one viewer claims that “the reason they’re fighting is because the girl in red is going to prom with the girl in grays brother and she’s pissed because that’s suppose to be her (girl in gray) man.”