Top 20 Unintentionally Funny Signs

The bargain here isn’t that you are getting a discount. It’s that they did the math for you. I mean, how would you know how much it costs if you want to buy two?

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What!? Road closed? But, I want to drive through the lava!

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I never knew children had gambling problems. Arithetic is very most important. ‘Merica!

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Wait… Does this mean I can’t park my awesome amphibious car in there? Totally not fair.

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Ok. This sign is intentionally funny. Although, for those who are mega twitter addicts, this isn’t so funny.

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I imagine this sign was in a different isle, like the paper towels isle.

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Hey, that sign says Pizza Hut. I’m not sure if that’s where we are though. Oh, look!. It is Pizza Hut. It says so below the Pizza Hut sign.

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Caution. Water in pool is wet and slippery. Can never be too careful with pool safety.

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I never realized how much of a choking hazard clothes hangers are. Might want to put a lock on your closet just in case.

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What is this? A pool for ants?

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Well boys, time we start lookin’ for a new water hole. They already took our underwater fireworks rights away. Now smoking? What’s next?

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Hey. What’s this big piece of wood doin’ stuck in the hallway?

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Some people just need a reminder.

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Sometimes redundancy is the only way to learn simple tasks.

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What kind of an establishment needs a no stabbing sign?

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No truck. NO! That’s a bad truck.

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Joke’s on them. I’ll be dead and my bank account is already overdrawn.

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Thanks for the heads up. That fence looked super comfortable.

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I’ve been washing my hands wrong for all these years. I knew I should have read the directions.

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Truck 4 sale.