Mama Cow Collapses In Grass, Devastated After Baby Calf Dies, But he Refuses To Leave Her Side

Animal-lovers are some of the kindest people on planet Earth. They put their time and energy into causes that strive to preserve the creatures of our world.

By showing compassion, affection, and admiration towards our wildlife, they also portray a great example of love in its purest form. To love something that you can’t fully understand on a communicative level is what makes animal activists true heroes to our ecosystem.

Kayla Tipps, 29, would probably say that her husband, Benjamin, fits this description. The 29-year-old man recently came to the aid of a female cow who had just given birth on Mother’s Day.

The Borge, Texas couple was visiting with family when a nearby cow collapsed in the grass after birthing her calf. They noticed how suddenly things took a turn for the worst.

What was supposed to be a joyous occasion for the mother cow turned out to be a devastating reality — her calf was a stillborn. Kayla told Inside Edition that the mom was in “labor for several days when the sac containing the calf burst,” causing the little one to die.

It was a shock to everyone because the large animal was not a first-time mom. Her first pregnancy was a success, and the young cow is now fully grown and healthy.

After realizing that her second baby had passed away, the cow became sad and withdrawn. Benjamin refused to leave the mourning mom’s side as she said her last goodbyes to the calf.

“She was crushed — just devastated, and she was tired from the labor,” Kayla said. “She laid down, and Ben laid down and was kind of massaging her and comforting her.”

Kayla captured the beautiful moment by snapping a few photos. She posted the images to her and her husband’s shared Facebook page.

One person wrote, “What a caring, loving person. I needed to see that and be reminded of the gentleness that can still exist in humanity.”

Some critics have blamed the cow’s rancher for negligence and failure to call a vet to help with the birth, but others have considered Benjamin’s action to be very admirable. I think the Texas man set a great example for us all in spite of how the situation turned out.