Malia Obama Raises Eyebrows On Her Way To Work (Photos)

Some are asking if Malia Obama forget to wear pants on her way to work.

A photo of the 18-year-old former first daughter baring her legs while walking to her internship at the Weinstein Company on March 9 certainly makes it looks that way.

But a closer inspection and other pictures reveal the young woman is simply wearing an oversized puffy coat over a baby doll dress, combined with a beanie and Caterpillar boots, the Daily Mail reports.

But her outfit wasn’t the only attribute that caught attention — many commented on Obama’s facial expression.

“Have you ever seen a more bored apathetic looking ’employee?’” commented one Daily Mail reader. “I’m sure her productivity is amazing.”

“She looks stoned or hungover,” said another.

“Gosh what a face!” commented a third. “Is her life that bad?!?! She looks like most other New Yorkers begrudgingly heading to work. CHEER UP! Your dad is a former POTUS and you’re freakin RICH!!”

Others defended Obama, prompting debate about whether it is appropriate and fair for the public to comment on the children of public officials.

“She did not ask for ‘fame’ and she should not be subjected to the cameras,” chimed in one reader, echoing the sentiments of a few who argued the paparazzi was essentially stalking and harassing Obama.

“Leave her alone!” responded another. “SHE is simply trying to live her life. She’s a teenager doing so much more positive than many at this age. Who here was accepted to Harvard?!”

Obama, who currently lives in New York, is on track to finish her internship this spring before heading back to Washington, D.C., and moving to Harvard University in August to start her undergraduate degree.

Obama isn’t the only one facing backlash for her appearance. Many criticized current first daughter Ivanka Trump for wearing a one-shouldered dress revealing black straps resembling a bra while her father addressed Congress.

“Its boudoir-ish black strap was meant to look like a bra strap, of course, and it heightened the sex appeal of Ivanka’s bare-shoulder look, which was perhaps better suited for date night than a speech in Congress,” wrote Lizzie Crocker for The Daily Beast.

Many social media users agreed.

“Your bra strap is showing,” commented one Twitter user. “So gross. So trashy.”

But as with Obama, many tried to defend Trump.

“I was not aware that there was a dress code for the Joint Session of Congress,” wrote one user.  “Easy to criticize via Twitter! Ivanka was appropriately dressed and is respected by millions of women.”

Sources: Daily Mail